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MENA Grid Evolution Summit - 2022


: Sep 14, 2022 - Sep 15, 2022

: Dubai,U.A.E.

Description :

The MENA region is positioned to embark on a Grid Evolution path. Utilities across the region have budgeted heavy spending for the next decade to upgrade their current grids to improve efficiency, reduce system losses and carbon emissions. As governments across the region realize the need for ramping up power supply and integrating renewable energy into their generation portfolios, it becomes imperative for them to emphasize on Grids evolving into intelligent elements of the utilities sector.  

MENA Grid Evolution Summit 2022, brings together top electricity stakeholders from across the region including, public utilities, regulators, government agencies, technology providers and academics, to engage in strategic dialog and discussions to determine how to modernize the electricity sector and make it future ready. The two day summit creates an opportunity to achieve a lasting impact on the region’s energy future.


: Ms Chaimae Eddnadni