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: Dec 05, 2022 - Dec 07, 2022


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Enormous efforts are being made worldwide to comply with the emission limits set in the Paris Agreement with regard to climate-relevant pollutants in the future. Against this background, hydrogen, and specifically green hydrogen, is of particular importance in reducing CO2 emissions. 

Green Hydrogen is produced with the help of renewable energies, so that unlike grey or blue hydrogen, no CO2 is produced. Especially in the industrialized countries, such as the EU or Japan, there will be an enormous demand for green hydrogen, which cannot be met due to their own limited renewable energy resources.

Oman has the opportunity to become an important supplier of green energy in the form of hydrogen. Thanks to its geographical location, Oman has abundant natural resources to convert the currently exported hydrocarbons into the energy equivalent of green hydrogen. These resources are the unique combination of extremely strong and uniform solar radiation, unlimited water reservoir on a 3300 km long coastline and sufficient area to implement large solar plants.

Through a carefully planned and initiated transition from a carbon-based society to a hydrogen society, Oman has the potential to become a leading country in many sectors of energy and production technology: from the export of green hydrogen and its derivatives as well as green produced materials such as fertilizers, steel, cement and aluminum etc. to the export of equipment for the production and use of hydrogen.

: Mr. Mohammed Khalid