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Oman, Iran Sign Deal for 400km Gas Export Pipeline Survey

Date : Sep 02, 2015

An agreement has been signed between Oman and Iran for the survey of the route of a proposed 400 km export pipeline that will carry Iranian gas to Sohar Port, a report said.


The agreement is part of a landmark deal inked by the countries nearly two years ago.


Salim bin Nasser al Aufi, under-secretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, said efforts to implement the bilateral deal are moving ahead quickly.


He added that only following the survey will detail the cost of the project, and other major details will be determined.


In June, Iranian engineering consultancy firm was assigned the task to study the route of the 400 km pipeline, added the report.


The onshore section of the pipeline is proposed to start from Iranian city of Rudan and travel around 2000 km to the Mubarak Mountains on the Iranian side of the Arabian Gulf.


Thereafter, it travels undersea for a further 200 km to connect with Sohar Port.


Under the bilateral agreement signed in 2013, Iran will export around 28 million cubic metres per day of natural gas to Oman for an initial period of 15 years. The deal is estimated at $60 billion, it added.