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Key Phase of Dibba Port Upgradation Work Underway

Fujairah has announced that work is currently underway on the first phase of the Port of Dibba Upgradation Project, in a major boost to the northern emirate's maritime sector.


The project, which is aimed at transforming the port into a multi-use commercial facility, will see the construction of two berths (running 650 m long and 18 m deep) as well as the installation of loading cranes with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes per hour.


Since its full commissioning in 1983, the Port of Fujairah has embarked on a continuous process of improvement, developing its container services and general cargo and dry and wet bulk facilities, enabling it to offer an efficient and comprehensive range of services.


Run on a distinguished business model, the port connects nearly 17 large companies that store petroleum products at its berths through the system of connecting pipelines.


The total length of the port quay is over 7 km and it contains modern equipment, including mobile cranes, all types of cargo cranes, forklifts and trailers.


A new service port was also constructed in 2019 dedicated to serving ships and tugboats, which provides refueling, supply, repair, spare parts, inspection and crew change services, stated the report.


The port also has a 300,000-sq-m area allocated to storing containers and goods and deals with large quantities of exports of rubble and limestone to the markets of the Indian subcontinent and GCC, said the report.


A key shipping hub, Fujairah is also home to the second largest bunkering centre in the world - Petroleum Terminal - which boasts over 20 diverse berths running 8km long and can handle various types of goods, stones and petroleum products.


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