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Adani Power Shuts 2,640-Mw Units at Tiroda Plant in Maharashtra

Date : May 18, 2016

Adani Power Limited today said it has shut down four units of 660 mw capacity each out of five units at the Tiroda plant in Maharashtra due to acute water shortage.


"The company's wholly-owned subsidiary Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd has shut down its 4 units of 660 mw each out of total 5 units of 660 mw each, situated at Tiroda Plant in Maharashtra due to acute water shortage."


According to statement Tiroda Power Plant gets water under a long-term arrangement from Dhapewada Project of Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation.


The company said due to drought condition in Maharashtra, the water dam has dried up and is unable to supply water to Tiroda Power Plant.


The production from these four units will resume once the water is available, it added.