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Iranian Manufacturers Ready to Boost Petrochemical Industry

Date : Apr 06, 2016

Head of the Iranian Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies have voiced the association's readiness to help boost the petrochemical sector in a ban-free Iran.


Iranian manufacturers of petroleum parts are prepared to complete petrochemical industry's value chain, said Reza Padidar.


He underlined the role of petrochemical industries in promotion of oil and gas sector, adding that reduction of crude oil and gas and moving towards production of end-user items is the top priority of the industry.


"All the countries that enjoy vast oil and gas reserves are potent to convert their hydrocarbons into middle and consumer products and Iran is no exception," he said.


"Iran, enjoying half a century of history in petrochemical industry, has a relative advantage in the sector, and Iranian manufacturers can play a significant role in this regard by cooperating with petrochemical plants and projects," he added.


Padidar, who is also a member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, further said Iran's petrochemical industry has been kept behind under the sanctions and there is a need for targeted investments for its immediate growth.