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Puri Group Plans to Set-Up Canal-Based Solar Power Projects in Haryana

Date : Apr 01, 2016

Delhi-based Puri Oil Mills Limited is set to strengthen its renewable energy business by setting up canal-based solar photovoltaic power plant in Haryana. It is firming up plans to set up green energy projects including a string of hydropower projects in Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.


The mustard oil producer has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Haryana Renewable Energy Department that entails an investment of Rs 210 crore in four hydel projects and four canal top solar projects, managing director, Vivek Puri said.


The company has so far invested about Rs. 40 crore in two small hydel projects in Haryana. The projects have been running successfully for more than four years.


Puri said that the company is focusing on early implementation of two irrigation canal-based, small hydel projects already allotted to it. Thereafter, it will explore the execution of solar power canal top projects on the reaches of the sites, allotted to it for hydel projects, provided the tariff determined by the regulator is viable and sustainable.


"The company is in talks with consultants to pursue canal based solar power projects in Haryana," Puri said.


The company already runs canal-based hydro power projects in Karnal and Yamunanagar. "We are looking to tap into the area over the canals to set up solar power plants like achieved in Gujarat," Puri said. The company has rights over a 3 km stretch of canal along its hydro projects, he said.


The company has a diversified renewable energy business and has installed capacity of 6 mw hydro power including canal based projects on river Yamuna at Yamunanagar and in Karnal in Haryana. The company is also setting up small hydro power projects allotted to it in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. "These upcoming projects involve capacity of 25 mw," a company spokesperson said.