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Petronet LNG Enters MoU with India's Inland Waterways Transport

Date : Apr 19, 2016

Petronet LNG, India’s largest importer of the chilled fuel has entered into a memorandum of understanding to boost LNG use in the country’s inland waterway transport.


“Petronet LNG has signed a MoU with Inland Waterways Authority of India to facilitate greater use of LNG in inland water transport thereby reducing carbon footprint,” India’s Ministry of Shipping said in a statement on Friday.


The agreement was signed on Thursday during a maritime summit in Mumbai, the statement said.


Cochin Shipyard, SHI Cooperation Deal Finalised


According to the statement, Cochin Shipyard has also entered into an agreement with South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries to formalise technical cooperation for building LNG ships in India.


The two shipyards have already agreed to collaborate on building liquefied natural gas carriers in May last year. Cochin Shipyard additionally acquired a licence from France’s GTT to build LNG carriers with the Mark III membrane containment system.


This was all in preparation to bid for GAIL’s tender seeking nine LNG carriers to hire for transportation of liquefied natural gas from projects in the United States.


However, recent reports revealed that two Japanese consortia placed bids for the tender, with South Korean shipbuilders not bidding.