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Saudi Calls for Extensive Water Sector Reforms

Date : Jan 18, 2016

Saudi Arabia is facing a water crisis. Despite the Kingdom’s massive investments in desalination plants, demand is growing at a rate that threatens to outstrip supply, leading to the formulation of ambitious plans for the expansion of its desalination plants at a cost of tens of billions of dollars. Policy makers and private sector stake holders in the Kingdom have been calling for reforms in the water sector, including water use, wastewater recycling and introduce innovative technologies.


Recenlty, Badr Ghawji, managing director of the Riyadh-based Veolia Water Technologies, discussed problems faced by the water-stressed countries like Saudi Arabia, the role of Veolia Water Technologies and the educational skills taught to Saudis by the company.


Ghawji, who holds a doctorate degree from the UK’s Loughborough University of Technology has more than 30 years experience in water industry. He is also the director of Global Hydrex Platform supporting water treatment chemical activity worldwide.