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Woqod Opens 25 Mobile Fuel Stations

Date : Jan 14, 2016

Qatar Fuel (Woqod) in an effort to meet increasing shortages of petrol stations across the country, has imported 25 mobile fuel stations and installed some of them in areas that need such facilities desperately.


These are the areas where petrol stations have either been closed for maintenance or new ones are coming up or have been demolished to give way to buildings for other commercial use.


Woqod is all set to soon install three mobile fuel stations in Al Muntaza area in downtown Doha--the locality is officially known as Raudat Al Khail, near Qatar University (QU) and in the posh Al Sadd area of the city.


Two petrol stations in Al Wakra and Al Wukair have recently been closed. In Al Wukair, and on Messaieed-Al Kharara Road, Woqod has installed mobile fuel stations each to help meet the shortage.


Earlier, on the D-Ring Road, Falcon petrol stations was closed so the pressure was on the Woqod service station on the road linking Nuaija (The Mall) and Najma traffic intersections.


Mobile fuel stations installed in several places have helped ease the serpentine queues of vehicles that were seen at petrol stations in different parts of the country.


Woqod has urged the public to come up with suggestions and pinpoint areas that are facing severe shortages of fuel stations so it can install a mobile one as a temporary measure.


Motorists began facing severe problems in refuelling vehicles as the country's population started rising due to increasing influx of foreign workers to engage in infrastructure development projects.


With the population rose the number of automobiles as well, but simultaneously petrol stations began to close down either for renovation or to give way to commercial buildings.


Woqod is building a large number of petrol and service stations across the country and many of them have already come up and several are underway.


But as new petrol stations were coming up, there were shortages and to meet the yawning shortfall, the corporation came up with a novel idea of importing mobile fuel stations and deploying them in areas that need them desperately.


The first mobile or portable petrol stations to be set up were in Al Shamal and Al Ruwais in the north of the country.


Later, some were installed in government-owned premises as well.