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Iranian Industrialists Supply 70% of Petrochemical Equipment

Date : Jan 11, 2016

Deputy Petroleum Minister says Iranian industrialists supply 70% of the industrial items needed in petrochemical productions.


"We hope Iranian manufacturers will win a firm foothold in international markets besides supplying the domestic need for petrochemical equipment," Abbas Shari-Moqaddam, who also presides over Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC), said.


He said Iranian industrialists are potent to boost their share in the country's petrochemical development projects, saying the ground is paved for their presence in international markets.


"Supporting domestic manufacturers can maximize their potentialities in supplying petrochemical items," he said.


They also voiced NPC's support for domestic producers of petrochemical machinery and equipment.


Iran is preparing for the post-sanctions era by expanding its industrial and technical capabilities in all sectors including the petroleum industry.