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Bahrain to Set Up New Wastewater Plant in Northern Region

Date : Dec 17, 2015

A project to construct a wastewater treatment plant in Bahrain’s Northern Town has been given the go-ahead, said a report.


The ten-hectare sewage plant project was launched by Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, Deputy Premier, Head of the Ministerial Committee for Construction and Infrastructure.


The plant will have a daily output of 85,000 cu m of recycled water, which will be used for urban irrigation and to maintain a green environment, it added.


The treatment plant has been designed in compliance with ecological requirements for disposing wastewater in the sea without damaging marine life.


It will also be technically equipped to dry and dispose of waste in an environment-friendly way.


Additionally, it can recycle sewage water into fertilizers that can be used in improving urban green spaces.