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Empower Saves 6.5pc More in Energy Usage

Date : Jul 24, 2017

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, has  saved 6.5 per cent more energy compared to the same period last year, during the first month of its summer campaign.


The campaign titled “Smile at 24 degrees” was introduced to reduce the energy consumption through optimal temperature setting and boost transparency levels in its billing methodology, targeting all of Empower’s major customer segments.


“We are extremely pleased with the successful results of our summer campaign in the first month. Energy productivity is extremely important. Committing to energy productivity will not only drive us to our long-term targets, but also make our infrastructure more resilient and reduce costs for customers. At Empower, we design campaigns that ingrain energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The ‘Smile at 24 degrees’ campaign has not only reduced the consumption percentages, but also positively influenced our valued customers to work towards energy efficiency,” said Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.   


The ‘Smile at 24 degrees’ campaign was launched at the beginning of the summer season and offered insights to customers on ways of rationalising the consumption of district cooling specially that consumption increases during summer period. Empower offered its customers with easy to understand tips and advice that could make a real difference in saving energy – without adversely impacting their day to day lives or business operations.


The awareness and education campaign was led by the distribution of news stories, advertisements and direct communication, using SMS and e-mail among other methods to directly reach Empower’s wide customer base.


“The response and participation we’ve received from our customers in the first month is overwhelming. Their whole-hearted support is a major factor for the success of our campaign. Taking this as an opportunity, I’d like to extent my heartfelt appreciation to all our customers for their enduring support and trust in us. This is just the beginning, and the coming months will bring the real benefits and savings to the country,” Bin Shafar added.


Earlier, Empower run a pre-summer educational campaign in May to get the customers prepared to face the summer comfortably yet reducing the consumption and saving on their district cooling bills. The pre-summer campaign was a significant success, which is followed by the summer campaign - ‘Smile at 24 degrees’, started from June.


The ‘Smile at 24 degrees’ campaign is in line with the Government of Dubai’s initiatives toward sustainability of resources. Having around 70 per cent of the market share of district cooling in Dubai, Empower’s initiatives contribute to the government’s policy significantly. The campaign will continue until the end of the summer to engage with customers, reduce their usage, trim their costs and help achieve shared goals.