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Iran President Launches 4 Petrochemical Projects

Date : Apr 17, 2017

The Iranian president has launched four petrochemical projects, including a plant that makes Iran the Middle East’s biggest supplier of ethylene.


Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the petrochemical plant in the southern Bushehr province. He hailed the national achievements, adding that western sanctions have in fact provided Iran with new opportunities to make further progress. The inauguration came shortly after Iran opened five new phases of its vast South Pars gas field as part of plans to develop the world's largest reservoir of natural gas.


The projects were put on stream at a ceremony in the southern port city of Asaluyeh. Iran can now produce an additional 150 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. This will raise the total production to a total of 575 million cubic meters. Rouhani also launched a crude extraction project from the South Pars oil layer, adding 35 thousand barrels to the daily output.