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MGL’s Piped Natural Gas Supply Inaugurated in Uran

Date : Jun 07, 2017

Mahanagar Gas Limited, country’s major city gas distribution company inaugurated Piped Natural Gas (PNG) supply in Uran at the hands of Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Honourable Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas. Targeted at the residents of Uran region MGL has already laid down an infrastructure of Steel and Polyethylene pipeline in the area and will be connecting various areas of Raigad in phases for piped gas supply.


The work of pipeline laying commenced in Uran area and approximately 4Km MP network has been laid and 50 nos PNG connections have already been done. Initially gas supply to these 50 consumers in Uran is now commencing. Spreading its network in phases, MGL plans to provide the convenience of the safe, convenient, cost effective and environment friendly piped natural gas to almost all feasible households in Uran area benefiting about 3200 households and about 16000 people. The PNG benefits will be extended to other nearby areas by connecting more than 7000 households, covering about 35000 people in coming years. This will not only help people in Uran area but interior parts too by making available about 40,000 domestic LPG cylinders initially and about 90,000 LPG cylinders in the coming two years.


In view of the vehicles opting for the eco-friendly fuel, the 1st DBS CNG station has been commissioned at Shiv Shankar Auto Care in Karjat. Further, MGL will be opening two new CNG stations at retail outlets (ROs) of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to provide convenience of cost effective and environment friendly CNG to about 1500 Auto rickshaw and about 2000 other vehicles in this area in Uran.