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Andhra Pradesh will be Gas-Driven State in About 5 Years: ONGC Official

Date : Jun 05, 2017

ONGC’s Rajamahendravaram Asset Manager and Executive Director Debashis Sanyal said on Saturday that Andhra Pradesh would become a gas-driven State in the next four to five years if it used the ONGC gas in a meaningful manner. Addressing the annual media conference here, he said that by 2021 gas production from the Odalarevu landfall point would be 20,000 million cubic metres per annum, which was 10 times the present production.


He said they had machines and pipelines of international standards and assured safety and security in their operational area to all the people and their properties, including land. He said they had 700 km of gas pipeline which was intact and small repairs were carried out at some places.


Sanyal said the ONGC had technology to lay pipelines beneath the fish and prawn culture ponds but were facing challenges in land acquisition in villages. The Executive Director said ONGC, Rajahmahendravaram, had chalked out plans to increase production of oil and gas by 22% and 11% respectively in the next three years. It would mean 60-100 million metric standard cubic metres of gas and 70,000 tons of oil per annum.


He said the Government of India had started auctioning the Discovered Small Fields (DSF) and small operators were giving inputs in producing oil and gas in a big way.


The Rajahmahendravaram Asset was producing 890 tons of oil per day and 2.34 mmscmd (million metric standard cubic metres of gas per day). In the current fiscal, the gas production was likely to reach 1,000 mmscmd and oil 0.365 million metric tons. The Asset was mobilising additional resources and rigs to drill 46 exploratory wells and 38 development wells in the next four years. Exploitation of wells Referring to the Kesanapally (Krishna district) find, he said it was an old productive field discovered in 1996 with a depth of 2,500 metres. In 2015, with the help of new technology and reinterpretation of data, drilling was undertaken from the existing well and a new oil zone was discovered.


The new zone had the potential of 2.94 million metric tons and gas of about 0.6 billion cubic feet. Seven wells would be drilled in 2017-18 in Kesanapally with an expected production of 150 tons per day. Mr. Sanyal said the Nagayalanka field ground work had been completed and the mining lease from the state government was awaited. Drilling was progressing fast in the Bantumilli field near the Bhimavaram exploratory well.


On the CSR front, the ONGC’s unit had spent Rs. 140 million in 2016-17 in East, West Godavari and Krishna districts and Rs. 150 million had been earmarked for 2017-18. General Manager Operations Kamaraju said that the onland area of the KG Basin consisted of 28,000 and offshore 24,000 The asset was exploiting the hydrocarbon resources from onland alone.