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Equate Receives Recognition from UN and Kuwait’s SCPD

Date : May 23, 2017

Equate Petrochemical Company, Kuwait's first international joint-venture in this industry, was recognised by the United Nations (UN) and Kuwait’s Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning & Development (SCPD) in appreciation of the company’s support for the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM).


Equate played a critical role in the SCPD and UN driven joint programme for the support of PAM. The programme aims to develop work effectiveness, and implement mechanisms to measure performance that aims to realize accomplishments within a short-time frame, said a statement from the company.


Having commenced its cooperation with PAM in 2014, Equate collaborated with the authority to develop a key performance indicators (KPIs) dashboard to establish an evaluation system, develop talents and support the human capital, it said.


Speaking on this occasion, Equate’s president and CEO Mohammad Husain, said: “Partnerships and teamwork are the main pillars of our corporate culture and we believe that human capital is the cornerstone for sustainability, innovation and successful business development.”


“Realising the innovative potential of the human capital represents successful partnerships for us. We are very proud to have such partnerships with PAM and other organisations as ‘Partners in Success’,” he said.


A specialise team from Equate provided Six Sigma training to the employees of PAM with the objective of improving quality and daily business practices. Six Sigma methodology is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement to deliver the best possible results while minimising cost, time and effort.


Equate is the first Kuwaiti organisation to adopt Six Sigma methodology. The company’s human capital has proven their innovative capabilities, admirable dedication and global achievements.


The Public Authority of Manpower is partnering with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the International Labor Organization (ILO) within the context of UNDP Country Program Document (CPD) for 2015 – 2018.


The programme will support the achievement of national strategic objectives of economic growth for the state of Kuwait, supporting human and social development, and improving demographic policies to support development and effective government administration.


PAM plans will improve the labour conditions and management system by analysing the demographic imbalance, making sound decisions based on enhanced reporting mechanisms and upgrading its services quality for all economic and social actors.


This joint programme aims to support PAM in its efforts to develop its internal capacity in reporting on its own performance, on labour movement and on its compliance with international labour standards, it stated.