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Tanqia Signs-up as Major Sponsor for Key Water Management Summit

Date : Jan 20, 2017

Tanqia, the first privately-held wastewater collection and treatment utility in the Middle East, has signed up as a major sponsor for the Integrated Water Management Summit to be held in Dubai, UAE in May.


The event is scheduled for May 3 to 4, 2017, in Dubai, and is supported by the Ministry of Energy, UAE.


Tanqia is a showcase for the co-operation between the Government of UAE and the private sector, and the first privately-held wastewater collection and treatment utility in the region.


It started the construction of its wastewater treatment system in 2005 and achieved its commercial operations by 2008. Currently, Tanqia is a regulated utility which operates under a private-public partnership.


In an effort to address the water challenges faced by the Middle East region, Tanqia has joint forces with the region’s water authorities by partnering with the Integrated Water Management Summit.


Discussing the status of projects in the current economic situation, the event will convene ministries and authorities to debate on current water projects and water regulations that will affect the infrastructural plans relating to sustainable urban water development in the region, said the organisers UMS International.


Covering the complete spectrum, from water generation to wastewater treatment, it will deliver up-to-date information on technology, products and trends.


In its role as a gold sponsor, Tanqia will discuss the key challenges with the delegates on operations and maintenance of water services with the objective of achieving water sustainability.


The event will also cover existing and emerging technologies in smart water grid management, maintenance of water services, waste water reuse methods and water asset management.


Ministry regulations, water management strategies and challenges as well as industrial water treatment will also be covered in this two-day event.