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Iran-Oman-India Gas Pipeline Project ‘Set for Laying’

Date : Feb 27, 2017

According to the report, the project to lay an undersea gas pipeline for exporting Iran's gas via Oman Sea and Indian Ocean to India is imminent, according to an official with New Delhi-based South Asia Gas Enterprise (Sage).


"With the sanctions being lifted that has definitely changed the game and the level of interest (for Iran-Oman-India pipeline) is accelerating now," Ian Nash, project director for Sage, said.


The $4.5-billion pipeline will take natural gas from southern Iran via Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean to Gujarat state in western India.


As per the report, Sage will lay the 1,400-km pipeline bypassing the exclusive economic zone of Pakistan.


Iran and Oman have already signed a deal to lay an undersea pipeline to ship 20 million cu m per day of gas to the sultanate for 25 years. The deal worth $60 billion also includes turning Iranian gas to LNG for exports.