Bid & Tender
SCGT Indigenized

Date : Dec 20, 2016

Iranian manufacturers, supported by the Ministry of Petroleum, have successfully manufactured pump-controlled hydraulic servo-system for solar central gas turbines (SCGT).


Head of the Construction and Repair Engineering and Commodity Management Unit in the Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC) Nader Narimani told Shana that such a miniature but important and sensitive equipment is used in the air plane and oil industries which have not been imported for years due to sanctions and monopoly of an American company.


Narimani said the Iranian manufacturing company has been engaged in construction of the equipment since the year 1394 (2015-16) and the yearlong effort has been fruitful now and the result of due tests and experiments have been positive.


He went on to say that the equipment consists 28 tiny and small parts produced to an accuracy of about two microns.


Production of each of the parts in the turbine has saved the country about 50 million tomans and fortunately, the technology has made the country needless of imports, according to the official.


Narimani said the ban on import of the home-made items by Ministry of Petroleum has been the most important factor of support for domestic manufacturers.


"After successful installation and test of the equipment in Eshtehard pumping station northwest of Zanjan, fortunately, it has shown favorable function and sometimes its accuracy has been times higher than that of the foreign-made type, encouraging placement of orders to the company for construction of four such equipment."


The official said the equipment has been made using latest materials and under supervision of oil experts it was installed on the gas turbines. Now after several months from the test, the result has been vary favorable and successful, he added.


The official said the equipment has wide application in the air plane and oil industries, especially the telecommunication and pipelines. "Manufacturer of the pump had in the year 1394 (2015-16) won the tender and made the country needless of imports by producing such hydraulic pumps."