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Iran Launches Three New Gas Pressure Stations

Date : Dec 19, 2016

Iran has set in motion three new pressure booster stations since the beginning of the current calendar year which began on March 20 to ensure sustainable gas supply across the country.


Hassan Montazer Torbati, managing director of the Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company, source said that the stations were launched in southern Safashahr, central Naein and southern Khonj counties to ensure balanced distribution of gas throughout the country.


He said now that the stations are operational gas distribution via IGAT-8 (the 8th national gas trunkline) is being carried out in a more sustainable manner with more room for maneuver.


He said IGEDC developed the stations by relying on domestic capabilities which led to considerable economic savings for the company in line with the policies of the economy of resistance.


Safashahr pressure station can pump 90 mcm/d of gas. The project was built with €860,000 and IRR307b, he added.


Naein station can deliver 110mcm/d of gas with an investment of IRR671b and €43.5m and Khonj pressure plant can deliver 110mcm/d of gas with IRR601b and €42.8m of investment.