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Oman's Main Water Pipeline Project on Schedule

Date : Oct 17, 2016

Work at the Wadi Dayqah dam site in Oman is progressing as per schedule with the first phase of the main water pipeline project almost 50 per cent completed, said a report.


The project involves the creation of water pipeline from Wadi Dayqah dam in Quriyat to Diem tank in the wilayat of Amerat and distribution of water across a distance of 117 km.


It contains two main lines - the first about 15-km long with pipe size of 1,200 mm and the other about 35-km long with a 1,600 mm pipe - along with other sub-lines, it stated.


Work on some sub-networks have also been completed which now supply and distribute water in a number of villages in Quriyat, it added.