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BASF Unveils Latest Innovative Water Treatment Solutions

Date : Oct 12, 2016

BASF, a leading chemicals producer, unveiled its latest innovations in water treatment chemicals at the ongoing Water, Energy Technology And Environment Exhibition (Wetex) in Dubai, UAE.


In line with the Wetex 2016 theme “At the Forefront of Sustainability”, BASF showcases its well established range of customer-centric and environmentally-beneficial solutions for the water industry to enhance the dewatering performance of waste water treatment plants, maintain the high level of productivity of desalination plants and protect these high-investment facilities from scale formation and fouling, said a statement from the German company.


BASF has been continuously investing in new solutions for water treatment chemistry and the product range being displayed at the expo is a highlight of its latest innovations, it stated.


The key products showcased at the Dubai expo include:

*Sokalan AF-X – New water soluble and readily biodegradable antifoam for thermal desalination processes providing excellent foam control properties at low dosage rates.


*Sokalan RO 3500 – New multifunctional antiscalant for reverse osmosis membrane treatment with proven performance on various scales, different feed water compositions and especially designed for water re-use applications. Compared to phosphonate-based antiscalants Sokalan RO 3500 is not causing eutrophication to water bodies.


*Zetag Ultra – Latest product line of cationic ultra-high molecular weight powder flocculants for superior sludge dewatering performance at lower dosage rates.


*inge – Highly efficient Ultrafiltration (UF) technology with resilient Multibore membranes and space-saving T-Rack solutions for a wide range of applications in any kind of water – now also available for horizontal UF membrane replacement projects.


On its novel products, Marcus Fuest, the global marketing water chemicals, said: "BASF is committed to providing sustainable and high-performing products to address the world’s rising water demand. Secure water supply is one of the biggest challenges especially for the arid region of the Middle East."


"Our portfolio of differentiating water treatment chemicals, investments in product innovations and the collective expertise of our globally operating team are helping our customers meet their needs of reliable and cost-efficient water treatment," stated Fuest.


"Wetex continues to be a great platform to strengthen the close collaboration with our customers and to expand the responsible partnering for a sustainable future," he added.