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Leroy-Somer, UPS to Offer Innovative Power Solutions in UAE

Date : Sep 27, 2016

Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation, a global leading manufacturer of industrial alternators, and Ultimate Power Solution (UPS), will work together to market the new and wide range of alternators and generator set controllers and offer most innovative power generation solutions to the UAE market.


UPS, UK’s generator manufacturing company, based in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (Saif Zone), UAE, specializes in diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, marine auxiliary generator sets, mobile generator sets, hydro generators, heavy fuel power stations, wind turbine, solar power stations and tower lights etc.


The company has one more facility in Sharjah under the name Power Solution. Target buyers are big dealers and construction companies across the EMEA region. The company provides best round-the-clock after sales service including immediate trouble-shooting.


Khaled Al Nablsee, chairman at Ultimate Power Solution, said that UPS enjoys a significant market share in the local generator market. This share has been expanding steadily thanks to the reputation the company enjoys due to the quality products the company manufactures with the support of the Sharjah Safe Zone Authority headed by Shiekh Khalid Al Qassimi.


Commenting on the power generation industry in the UAE, Khaled Al Nablsee said, “The UAE is a big market for generators in the region in the wake of a huge number of upcoming real estate projects where power generation is needed during the entire period of construction. Even after the completion of the project, generator sets are required to power lifts and elevators, and other important areas in the buildings.”


“Moreover, industries and malls across the country also require power generators to keep their machines running in case of any emergency or outages; or, if there is a need of an extra power load from adding heavy equipment to increase the production,” he added.


UPS is a Preferred Partner of Leroy-Somer in the UAE and the first generator set manufacturer in the world to use ControlReg.


The two companies - Leroy-Somer and UPS - will work together to promote and market the new and wide range of alternators and generator set controllers and offer most innovative power generation solutions to the local market.


On the reason for choosing Leroy Somer and not any other competitor, Al Nablsee said: “We have found that Leroy-Somer is the best brand in the world. We have full confidence in the quality and performance of ControlReg. We see the product is the most innovative and relevant solution for generator set manufacturer as it is easily configurable to meet the customer needs. It is convenient to install and use because of its built-in interface and dedicated software. ControlReg also leads to decisive savings on the assembly line.”


“Association with Leroy-Somer is an addition to quality of our products and our performance and reputation in the market,” he added.


He also mentioned that UPS clients are very satisfied since the company has started using Leroy-Somer’s innovative solutions in the manufacturing of generator sets.


“We feel proud to be part of Leroy-Somer at a time when the world´s renowned big companies, including Caterpillar, are using their alternators and control panels,” he noted.