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Bahrain Al Dur Firm Selects PAS Safety Solution

Date : Sep 06, 2016

Bahrain-based Al Dur Power and Water Company (ADPWC) has selected a key solution from PAS, a leading solution provider of process safety, cyber security, and asset reliability for the energy, power, and process industries, for its plant.


ADPWC is majority-owned by Engie and Gulf Investment Corporation. Having commenced commercial operations in February 2012, ADPWC produces one-third of the electric power and water consumed in Bahrain.


As per the deal, PAS will provide alarm and event analytics, documentation, and rationalisation software and services that enable plant operators to respond to alarms more effectively and mitigate abnormal situations.


The PAS PlantState Suite (PSS) will help optimise operator situation awareness and improve plant safety. It makes power and process plant operators more effective at identifying, evaluating, and managing alarms.


“Our operators evaluate and manage thousands of alarms per day, which ultimately impacts their effectiveness in running our plant,” said ADPWC’s Jim Barrett, the general manager of operations and maintenance.


“PAS offers industry-proven alarm management software and services that help operators perform their jobs better. We are confident that PAS PlantState Suite software and alarm management experts will help us meet our alarm management performance goals and address industry best practices such as EEMUA 191,” he added.


A recognised industry leader in improving operator effectiveness, PAS said its solution is being used by nine of the top 15 power companies in the world.


“An operator overwhelmed by too many alarms leads to unsafe and unprofitable operations,” said Mark Carrigan, the senior vice president of Global Operations at PAS.


“For over 20 years, PAS has helped companies rationalise and optimise their alarm management systems so that operators are more responsive and can effectively prevent abnormal situations from escalating. A well-managed alarm system means safer, more reliable plant processes. We are proud to have ADPWC as our customer and look forward to serving their operational needs,” he added.