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Empower Saves 4.8pc Energy in Summer Campaign

Date : Aug 19, 2016

Dubai-based Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced a saving of 4.8 per cent energy use in July compared to the consumption during the same period last year.


July is the second month of Empower's summer campaign ‘Saving Starts at 24°C’.


The campaign targets all of Empower’s customer segments and aims to reduce district cooling as well as electricity consumption and protect the environment resources, the company said.


The campaign was launched at the beginning of the summer season targeting all customers in the residential and commercial segments. It aims to raise awareness levels and give insights to customers on ways of rationalising the consumption of district cooling, especially since consumption increases during summer period.


Empower offered its customers many  tips to reduce the consumption of district cooling, such as setting the indoor temperature on air conditioners to 24 deg C, the ideal temperature to use air conditioners without wasting energy while not compromising on indoor comfort. This reflects on the efficiency of the services and the reduction of both electricity and district cooling bills.   


“We are proud of the achievements so far of our summer campaign not only on the level of rationalising consumption, but more importantly our success in influencing positively our valued customers by ensuring their wide participation in our campaign,” said Ahmad bin Shafar, chief executive officer of Empower.


The campaign will continue until the end of the summer, he said.


Empower currently operates more than 1,100,000 RT, providing environmentally responsible district cooling services to large-scale real estate developments.