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Empower Announces 8pc Hike in Energy Savings

Date : Jul 18, 2016

Dubai-based Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced a saving of 8 per cent more energy, comparing to the same period last year, during the first month of its summer campaign.


The drive “Saving Starts at 24C” targets all of its customer segments and aims to reduce electricity consumption, protect the environment and contribute to lessen CO2 emission.


As part of the summer campaign, Empower offered its customers many of tips to reduce the consumption of district cooling, such as setting the indoor temperature on air conditioners to 24C, the ideal temperature to use air conditioners without wasting energy while not compromising on indoor comfort. This reflected on the efficiency of the services and the reduction of electricity bills.   


“Empower continues to rationalise energy consumption and positively impact the consumption of natural resources to support the sustainable development plans in order to achieve Dubai’s vision. The success of the campaign’s initial stage reflects on our commitment to achieving our strategic plans that place the environmental cause at the top of our priorities. We are also determined to improve the efficiency of the services we offer to our customers,” said Ahmad bin Shafar, chief executive officer of Empower.


“The annual campaign is well-received by our customers and the consumption data shows its effectiveness and relevance. 24 degrees is the ideal indoor temperature for the summer and this was reflected positively on the reduction of electricity consumption bills. The campaign also brings a number of other benefits including customer satisfaction, environmental protection, improving efficiency of services and dealing with malfunctions,” added bin Shafar.


“We hope to see more positive results throughout the summer and we trust our customers will continue to cooperate with us to achieve the goals of the campaign. The impact of the campaign can already be felt and electricity bills have been slimmed significantly. This is reflecting on the efficiency of the services we offer and it also saves a lot of money which was spent on electricity bills previously,” emphasised bin Shafar.


The campaign targets all of Empower’s customer segments in all the commercial and residential buildings covered by the company. The company measures the difference in electricity consumption between a specific period of time and the same time last year in projects such as Jumeirah Beach Residences, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Business Bay and International Media Production Zone (IMPZ). This helps in determining the effectiveness of the campaign and the customers’ response to the company’s advices.