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Empower CEO Re-elected for 2nd Term to Idea Board

Date : Jul 15, 2016

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) said its chief executive Ahmed bin Shafar has been re-elected to the board of directors of The International District Energy Association (Idea) for a second three-year term till 2019.


In 2013, the US-based Idea appointed Bin Shafar to its board thus making him the first Arab from the UAE to hold this title in the history of the association which was founded over a century ago, said a statement from the company.


The membership reflects the leading role played by Empower on local and international levels to popularise the district cooling sector worldwide. It also clearly indicates the success of the company’s strategy and its regional and global active role as far as district cooling is concerned, it added.


Commenting on the renewal of his membership, Bin Shafar said: “This membership is to voice out the Arab district cooling industry to the world.”


“The UAE is garnering a leading role in the environmental sustainability sphere, and this membership shows the greater awareness district cooling is achieving among energy decision makers and specialists as a sustainability alternative to conventional cooling systems,” he said.


“We have noticed international interest to transfer our business model to other parts of the world being a leader in adopting best practices worldwide. We are delighted with the appreciation to our sustainability practices in our operations,” he added.


Bin Shafar pointed out that this membership goes along with Idea’s objective of advancing future water and clean energy technologies and will lead to pioneering partnerships locally and internationally.