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Dubai-based Empower Launches Unified Billing System

Date : Aug 05, 2016

Dubai-based Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, has launched a unified billing system.


The new system caters to the needs of customers the minute they subscribe to Empower’s services until the time the service is completed, including billing issuance, settlements, complaints management, registration of transactions and many other communications through a central data base.


Every customer has a unique account number to get Empower’s services including consumption reports, monthly bills and payments which will save time and efforts and increase accuracy and speediness. The new unified system aims to enhance the level of service.


Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of the company, said: “Our team has achieved tremendous success in deploying a unified billing system that is capable to meet the customer service requirements of both Empower and Palm District Cooling.  We consider this achievement as a great milestone in Empower’s history, and welcome our customers to the new system that aims to ensure their satisfaction on the efficiency of the services.”


Empower targets a wide range of residential and commercial units where the new billing system addresses these segments of the company’s customers as well as those of Palm District Cooling. The new system is in practice for billing issuance, settlements, complaints management, registration of transactions and many other communications with customers, through a central data base.


“Empower has undergone a range of amendments on its customer servicing systems following the acquisition. This include merger of Empower and Palm District Cooling bills as well as client servicing. The new system ensures that customers of both the companies can submit applications, raise complaints, make settlements, report malfunction at any of the branches of Empower. Also, customers have been notified about the changes in their account numbers and other data pertaining to their addresses and other relevant information,” Bin Shafar added.


Empower has urged its customer base of more than 55,000 to update their data to contribute in getting utmost level of speedy and quality services.


“We always strive to enhance the efficiency of our services. The deployment of a unified billing system is part of our drive to ease up procedures. We at Empower continuously work on innovations on all fronts to ensure client satisfaction and happiness,” Bin Shafar concluded.