Bid & Tender
Kuwait Set to Issue Tenders for Expansion of Major Wastewater Project

Date : May 16, 2018

Kuwait is set to issue tenders for the expansion of a wastewater treatment plant in Umm Al Hayman region and also for complementary works related to the municipal solid waste treatment project in the country's Kabd district, said a report.


The Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) move comes following the approval from the Council of Ministers on the awarding of the projects.


The expansion and implementation of wastewater treatment development in the Umm Al Hayman area is aimed at meeting the urgent need to expand the capacity of existing sewage treatment in the southern region of Kuwait.


KAPP said that it would soon set up a public shareholding company for the partnership project, in which the winning bidder would have a 40 per cent stake.


The project also addresses the need to expand the transmission and distribution networks of wastewater flowing from the sewage plant and use it for irrigation of green spaces and agricultural areas, it noted.


The Kabd project is part of Kuwait's development plan and is considered one of the most important infrastructure projects that contributes to improving the municipal solid waste treatment system and the consequent development in economic, environmental and social performance using the technology of burning waste and converting it into electrical energy, stated KAPP.


"The decision of the Council of Ministers, which took place on Monday, comes as a conclusion to the dispute between it and the Court of Auditors regarding the awarding of the two projects," it added.