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Petchem Investment on the Go in Makran: Veep

Date : Feb 26, 2018

First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri says Iran will continue investing in Makrn to develop petrochemical facilities in the strategic coastal strip.


Makran is a semi-desert coastal strip in Balochistan, in Pakistan and Iran, along the coast of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.


Addressing the second international conference on introduction of investment opportunities and sustainable development in Makran coasts, the official said regional justice is one of the main indices of justice and development of Makran Coasts can bring with it regional justice.


He said national security and economic growth will be considered in developing the region, adding, "Iran is one of the region's safest countries and developing Makran Coasts can raise the country's security level."


The development of Makran encompasses construction of new cities where people can live, the official added.


Many economic activities that cannot be carried out because of restraints can be pursued in Makran coasts and various oil and gas projects can also be developed in the area, he added.