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Iran Relies on South Pars for 70% its Gas Needs, says Official

Date : Dec 11, 2017

South Pars Gas Field supplied 64% of Iran's gas needs last year, a figure projected to cross 70% in this calendar year which began on March 21, an official said.


Masoud Hassani, managing director of the South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC), said the field's annual ethane output will increase by 30% from the preceding calendar year which ended on March 20.


He also predicted that SPGC ethane output will increase by 37% next calendar year from last year.


Last year, SPGC supplied over 2.315 million tons of ethane but expects to produce 3.3 mt this year, Hassani added, saying inauguration of new phases of the supergiant gas field is the cause of the increase.


SPGC is responsible for production of value-added items from the natural gas produced at South Pars.