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Iran Has Exported 1.2 Bn Cubic Meters of Gas to Iraq since June- Official

Date : Nov 20, 2017

According to source, the managing director for the Iranian Gas Transmission Company Saeed Tavakoli said, Iran has exported 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas to Iraq since late June.


Iran has planned for the export of up to 25 million cubic meters of gas per day to Baghdad, Tavakoli said.


The neighbors, both members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, initially signed a deal in 2013 for Iran to supply Iraqi power stations, but officials in the past blamed poor security in Iraq for hampering implementation.


Iran signed two contracts to export gas, one for the Iraqi capital Baghdad and the other for southern Iraqi city of Basra, Iranian state media reported in June.


Tavakoli said Saturday that exports of up to 25 million cubic meters of gas per day to Basra will start as soon as Iraq is ready.


Iran, which has huge gas reserves alongside its oil resources, exports small amounts of gas to Turkey but production has struggled to keep pace with rising domestic consumption.


Experts say years of Western sanctions over Iran's disputed nuclear program have also hindered development of gas projects. Some sanctions have been lifted since a nuclear deal was reached with Western powers.