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Hydro Power Generation Up 23 Per Cent in Punjab in Current Fiscal

Date : Nov 13, 2017

The hydel plants run by the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) have produced 23% more electricity during the first seven months of this fiscal as compared to the previous year. Total 3282 MU have been generated by all the five hydel plants of PSPCL from April 1 to October 31, 2017, whereas 2664 MU were produced during same period of 2016.


During these seven months, 618 MU more hydel power than previous year was generated thus saving about Rs 250 crore to PSPCL on account of lesser power purchase. Generation of 397 MU during October 2017 is the highest generation recorded in the past five years for this the month. Generation during October was 12% higher than for the same month last year when 354 MU were generated.


There are total 32 units with total 1,151 MW installed capacity at all the five hydel projects of PSPCL namely: Shanan (Joginder Nagar, HP), UBDC (Uppar Bari Duab Canal, Malikpur), RSD (Ranjit Sagar Dam, Pathankot), ASHP (Anandpur Sahib project), and MHP (Mukerian Hydel project, Talwara).


Four out of the five hydel projects produced more power than previous year. Generation at Shanan, UBDC, RSD, ASHP and MHP during April to October 2017 was 445, 305, 1,434, 452 and 646 MU respectively, whereas in the previous year for same generation was 387, 236, 966, 512, and 563 MU. Shanan and UBDC generated 445 MU and 305 MU respectively during April to Oct 2017, which is highest generation during the past five years. About 4,500 MUs units are generated annually by all the hydel plants of PSPCL.


As present water level at Bhakhra and Pong Dams is higher than previous years so generation is likely to be higher during 2017-18, money to PSPCL as it will have to purchase less power from other sources. Present reservoir level at Pong Dam and Bhakhra Dam is 1,364.9ft and 1,660.9ft, whereas it was 1,356.1ft and 1,632.3ft. Reservoir level at RSD is 512.15m which is little higher than last year’s level of 511.75m.