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Oman's OETC Commissions 400/132 kV Suwayhat Grid Station

Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) – a member of Nama Group – has officially commissioned the 400/132 kV Suwayhat grid station, a significant milestone in the national infrastructure project, Rabt. The project, worth more than RO 19 million, promises to bring a robust and stable electricity supply to Al Wusta Governorate and regions associated with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).


The Suwayhat grid station is a major part of the Rabt project, a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing Oman's electricity transmission network. The project enhances the reliability of the power supply, meeting the growing demand for electricity in the Sultanate of Oman, particularly in the Al Wusta Governorate and areas connected to PDO.


The grid station's commissioning marks a significant step in Oman's efforts to strengthen its power infrastructure. The Suwayhat grid station project includes overhead line (OHL) extensions from Barik Grid Station to Suwayhat Grid Station spanning 128 km, and from Suwayhat to Duqm Grid Station covering 197 km. These extensions will help enhance the power supply's continuity and reliability.


The newly commissioned grid station and its associated overhead lines come at a time when Oman is keen on developing its infrastructure to support economic development and diversification. The project aligns with Oman Vision 2040, which aims to create a sustainable and diversified economy by broadening the energy sector's base and improving the availability and reliability of the power supply.


The Rabt project and the commissioning of the Suwayhat grid station are expected to have significant economic implications. They will support the expansion of existing industries, attract new investments, promote economic diversification, and create job opportunities. The improved power supply could also contribute to enhancing the quality of life in the Al Wusta Governorate and other PDO-associated regions.


Moreover, the Rabt project's successful implementation will further enhance the Sultanate of Oman's reputation as a reliable and attractive destination for investment in the energy sector. This development is also expected to positively impact the country's goal of transitioning to cleaner and more efficient energy sources.


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