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Total Energy Informatics - Events and Exhibition (TEI-EVEX)

Total Energy Informatics - Events and Exhibition (TEI-EVEX) :

(TEI-EVEX) is a division tailored for tomorrow’s evolving business environment, where knowledge obsolescence is the feature. With quality analysis, precise insights and strategic directions to explore, empower and evolve, define TEI-Evex.

  • TEI-EVEX services specialise in conducting and promoting events
  • TEI-EVEX is the most trusted partner for Event Management companies, Exhibition Organizers & Media Groups.
  • TEI-EVEX partners with almost every event of reputation within the energy sector .
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Tailor made marketing and communications programmes.
Exhibition Management Services
Events Management Services
Project Acceleration Summits
Our Specialities Contribute To
Event Identity & Branding
Logos, backdrops, banners, flags
Event website and Blog
Speakers sourcing and/or coordination
Event Flow
Venue, F&B selection and liaison
Vendors coordination
Technical support
Post Event Management
Budget and Payments
Project compilation Report

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