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Process Technology

Total Energy Informatics provides quality report on "PROCESS TECHNOLOGY" delivering technical and management information to personnel in the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical, engineering and construction companies throughout the world.


The aim is to make our process technology reports a handy user reference, when implementing these advanced control and information system in the processing industry.


The details consist of flow diagrams and descriptions of over 120 major process control and information systems technologies from over 25 licensors.

Index of our Ready to download Process Technology Reports

Description Report No.
Alkylation PT/101/07
Aromatics extraction PT/102/07
Benzene reduction PT/103/07
Catalytic Cracking PT/104/07
Catalytic reforming PT/105/07
Coking PT/106/07
Crude Distillation PT/107/07
Deasphalting PT/108/07
Deep Catalytic cracking PT/109/07
Deep thermal conversion PT/110/07
Ethers PT/111/07
Gasification PT/113/07
Hydrocracking PT/114/07
Hydrodearomatiozation PT/115/07
Hydrotreating PT/116/07
Isomerization PT/117/07
LGP recovery PT/118/07
Plefins PT/119/07
Sulfur degassing PT/120/07

Please feel free to write to us for any of the above report with the Report No. for a minimum charge of US$ 100 each.

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