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Offshore Wind


: Oct 16, 2024 - Oct 17, 2024

: Live Online Course,Singapore

Description :


A comprehensive online course to one of renewable energy’s fastest-growing sectors

A business-focused training designed to provide business developers and investors with an accessible, concise, and comprehensive understanding of the processes and risks involved in creating these capital-intensive and lengthy projects.

Offshore wind projects differ from their onshore cousins, both in terms of the components required and the project development and installation processes involved. From turbines and timescales to cabling and costs, the scales are often supersized – with clear economic and practical rationale for this.  

This course leads attendees through the processes, technologies and financial return and risk considerations for those involved in offshore wind project development. Explanations are provided in clear, business-friendly language accessible to non-engineers. Trends and emerging disruptive technologies, such as floating turbines and integrations with other clean energy solutions, are introduced and placed into context.

If you need a valuable, up-to-the-minute and independent introduction to the fast-growing offshore wind sector, this online course provides the perfect learning opportunity.

: Ms Esther Wong