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Iran Urges Bangladesh to Join Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline Project

Date : Sep 08, 2015

Iran is ready to talk extending the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline project (also called “peace pipeline”) to Bangladesh in a project which envisages exports of the Iranian gas to Pakistan and India, Tehran’s Ambassador to Dhaka says.


Mr Abbas Vaezi said the Iranian government had already spoken to Bangladesh government in this regard, adding “But they must have a feasibility study.”


Iran has invited Bangladesh’s Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Nasrul Hamid to visit Tehran, during which energy-related issues including the gas pipeline can be discussed, the ambassador said.


Due to the sanctions against Iran, Vaezi said, Pakistan and India could not progress with the project but now that the sanction is going to be lifted, both the countries could start constructing the pipeline.


It’s worth mentioning that Iran has built the pipeline up to its border with Pakistan.