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Iran-Oman Gas Pipeline Feed Studies to Be Ready Soon

Date : Sep 08, 2015

The managing director of National Iranian Gas Exports Company (NIGEC) Alireza Kameli said contract to choose an Iranian adviser for the study over building a gas pipeline from Iran to Oman will be finalized soon.


“Currently, the Iranian adviser for studying (the subsea section of) the pipeline for 200 kilometers from Kuh-e Mubarak to Oman’s Sohar port has been chosen,” Kameli said.


He said the pipeline project will be implemented in two phases, adding that “the onshore part of the project will run for about 200 km from Rudan region to Kuh-e Mobarak [both in Iran], while the undersea part, will travel for almost another 200 km to connect Kuh-e Mobarak to Oman’s Sohar port.”


“According to the plan, engineering studies in both the offshore and onshore sections will be carried out simultaneously in order to prevent any disruption during its implementation,” Kameli said.


Iran agreed in 2013 to export 28 million cubic meters (MMcm) of gas per day to Oman through a subsea pipeline for 15 years.