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Veolia Introduces Innovative Water Treatment Solutions

Date : Nov 09, 2015

French water technology giant Veolia introduced its innovative solutions at the recent District Cooling Arabia Summit held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


A specialist in water projects, Veolia said the kingdom had achieved significant progress in the field of water recycling so as to support the basic and chemical industries.


With these new products, Veolia aims to support the Saudi government's efforts in this field as it has so far executed hundreds of water treatment plants in the local market, it added.


The launch comes at a time when Saudi Arabia plans to raise its water reuse rate to more than 65 per cent in the next five years by means of converting the wastewater treatment facilities into main water sources at all sectors, said senior Veolia officials on the sidelines of District Cooling Arabia Summit held in Riyadh.


The two-day summit put spotlight on two main issues - the efficient use of power and water conservation.


Veolia pointed out that the global companies, in co-operation with governmental bodies, have already started to introduce a range of innovative solutions and new technologies particularly intended for recycling wastewater in the kingdom.


The step was taken in an attempt to reduce the negative implications inflected upon the environment as well as to curb depletion of the natural water resources, it added.


Veolia said Saudi Arabia had allocated about $66 billion for long-term investments in projects intended for the development of water treatment facilities over the next 10 years.


However, the deficit in currently available water is still notably huge which normally requires exertion of more efforts in expansion of water desalination plants, said a senior official.


The introduction of new solutions and technologies for optimal and more efficient usage of water resources will eventually guarantee a better life-standard along with the provision of sufficient quantities of water in the future, remarked Dr Badr Ghawji, the managing director of Veolia Water Technologies Saudi Arabia.


Some of Veolia’s most prominent projects in Asir district have been deployed with the company-designed Actiflo units which adopt the latest technology used in the treatment of dam water.


This in addition to the construction of two reverse osmosis desalination plants, one for the purpose of supplying the residents of Alghat district with clean potable water and the other in Alzahran district in favor of Aramco.


Dr Ghawji pointed out that the Saudi market had ample opportunity for growth in the field of water treatment plants.


The French water technology specialist, he said, had a broad range of solutions and technologies particularly innovated for the purpose of offering better support to the public sector as well as private companies and industrial enterprises in the kingdom.


Veolia offers its industrial and private sector customers a full range of integrated services necessary for the design, construction and improvement of water and wastewater treatment facilities, stated Dr Ghawji.


"Recycled water can definitely be used in several fields that include but aren’t limited to the industrial and residential fields, cooling towers, agriculture, energy and reinjection wells," he added.