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Localization in Energy Sector to Rise by 75% in 2030, says Saudi's MoE

The localization and the evolving of the local content in the energy sector would rise by 75% in 2030, the Ministry of Energy said.


The Ministry has confirmed its intention of raising the percentage of the localization via an infographic published on its official account on Twitter platform.


The ministry explains through the infographic the types of devices and services that it seeks to localize.


It stated that the energy system continues with all the partnerships in the government, and private sector to develop and enhance local content in Saudi Arabia, through the localization initiatives and programs of the energy system.


The teams that the ministry is aiming to localize are the equipment, services, engineering works, purchases and the localization of implementation work related to the energy sectors.


Additionally, it seeks in localizing the implementation work that is related to energy sectors such as petroleum, gas, utilities sector (water and electricity), renewable energy, petrochemicals and hydrogen, carbon management, marine sector and the nuclear energy sector.


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