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Kuwait MPW to Appoint Consultant for North Kabd Project

The Ministry of Public Works said it has prepared the advisory agreement for the appointment of a consultancy firm to form a financial, technical and legal alliance to prepare integrated feasibility studies for the North Kabd sewage treatment plant project and related works.


According to reliable sources, the consultant will assess the project from the environment, technical and financial point of view and prepare the tender documents and obtain the necessary approvals in cooperation with the Public-Private Partnership Projects Authority.


The sources said that the North Kabd plant project will be offered under the public-private partnership system, with the aim of raising the level of infrastructure services, meeting the state’s needs, keeping pace with urban development, treating sewage, and benefiting from treated water for agricultural and irrigation purposes.




The sources pointed the sewage treatment plant will have an estimated capacity of no less than one million cubic meters of water per day to serve the residential areas and cities located south of the Sixth Ring Road – Southern Khaitan, Abdullah Al Mubarak and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh – in addition to the new areas of west of Abdullah Al Mubarak and south of the Saad Al-Abdullah city. The sources stated that the project also includes doing away with the Mishref pumping station and the construction of side lines to transfer the incoming sewage flows from the area to the new Shaddadiah pumping station, which will have a capacity of 530 thousand cubic meters per day, with the construction of side lines from the Mishref area to Shaddiyah, as well as the construction of a pumping station east of Jahra with a capacity of 530 thousand cubic meters per day.


The 6 main objectives of purification plant are developing and raising the efficiency of sewage networks, maximum use of treated water; meeting the increasing demand for treated water; enhancing efficiency in partnership with the private sector; rehabilitation and training of national cadres and protection of the marine and terrestrial environment.


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