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DWMC Warsan Work Over 60pc Completed

Dubai Municipality has announced that 62 percent work on the Dubai Waste Management Centre (DWMC) at Warsan, has been completed.


The project, which on completion will become the world’s largest and most efficient energy project of its kind, is set to contribute immensely to the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.


According to Dubai Municipality, more than 3.8 million working hours were spent to date by 30 companies tapped to carry out contracting, supply, and consulting services.


By 2024, the facility will treat approximately 5,666 tonnes of solid waste across five burning lines daily, with 12,480 air filters to treat all emissions. The waste will be converted into energy, which will then be utilized to feed the local electricity grid with about 200 MW/h of clean energy, it stated.


Director General Dawood Al Hajri said the strategic Dubai Waste Management Centre has sustainable development, economic, and environmental dimensions. It is the first globally in terms of size and work efficiency.


Occupying a total area of more than 400,000 sqm, the plant will have an operational capacity to process 1.9 million tonnes of waste annually and will be capable of converting them into energy resources to meet the needs of Warsan Sewage Treatment Plant and the DWMC, which is equivalent to the consumption of over 135,000 households.


"At Dubai Municipality, we continue to implement strategic projects that focus on community welfare, environmental protection, and sustainability of vital resources. We are pleased to announce the progress in the construction of the Dubai Waste Management Centre, which is essential to Dubai's vision of becoming the world's most sustainable city," he noted.


"The plant will provide an alternative and sustainable solution to waste storage and serve as a clean energy resource. It will help strengthen the emirate’s position as one of the global cities at the forefront of sustainability and increase its ability to attract investments, businesses, and tourists," he added.


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