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Tadweer Highlights Major Milestones Achieved in 2021

The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) achieved major milestones in 2021, improving the level of the diverse services it provides to the community, in accordance with its vision for developing a sustainable waste management and pest control system in Abu Dhabi.


Tadweer made significant achievements in various areas, including waste transport and treatment plants, reduction of disease vectors infestation, raising awareness, signing agreements, digital transformation, enhanced waste sector monitoring, occupational health and safety management, and business continuity.


Falah Mohammed Al Ahbabi, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer), said: "We are proud of the promising achievements realized by the Centre during 2021. These achievements reflect our commitment to supporting the national efforts, which aim to conserve natural resources and create an informed society that contributes to reducing waste production, as well as turning waste into a contributor to Abu Dhabi’s economy. The Centre operates in line with the highest international standards and practices in the field through promoting joint cooperation, and launching initiatives and projects that invest in financial, human, and technical resources, in order to achieve a circular economy and sustainable development."


Dr Salem Khalfan Al Kaabi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer), said: “The milestones and major strides achieved by the Centre over the past year came as a result of our hard work and commitment to providing outstanding services and supporting the growth of various sectors. Tadweer aims to build integrated waste management systems, combat threats to public health, and provide valuable services for the customers and the community. This year, the Centre continues its efforts to explore more innovative waste management solutions and optimize the use of waste management, in line with its commitment to being a major contributor to creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment in Abu Dhabi, which contributes to the sustainable development of the emirate.”


Waste treatment and recycling plants


The Centre's achievements in 2021 included the launch of the commercial operation for three medical and hazardous waste treatment facilities in Abu Dhabi, and the fallen livestock incinerator for Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra, according to the highest international and local standards to ensure safe and proper disposal of all kinds of waste.


The Centre processed around 108,000 tonnes of medical and hazardous waste, and disposed of around 8,000 tonnes of fallen livestock. The Centre also produced about 2.7 million tonnes of recycled aggregate from demolition and construction waste, and about 37,000 tonnes of organic fertilizer from agricultural and animal waste, in line with the emirate's vision to achieve its environmental objectives through proper waste management and recycling.


Number of centres for collecting recyclable material (waste mines)


Last year, Tadweer provided 9 new centres for collecting recyclable material (waste mines), reaching a total of 17 centres in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi mainland, Al Ain City, Al Dhafra Region). This comes as part of Tadweer’s commitment to encouraging community members to contribute to separating waste at source and maintaining a safe and sustainable environment. The Centre has also established and developed technical guidelines for the development of the municipal solid waste collection and transportation infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.


Pest control


Disease-carrying pests decreased by 56% in 2021, as part of the Centre's efforts to expand its pest control activities by increasing the number of smart mosquito traps from 200 to 640 in Abu Dhabi. The total number of requests for pest control services that were executed was 103,922, ranging from disease-carrying pest control services, annoying pests, dangerous pests, to loose animals. In 2021, the number of pest control requests increased by 25,000 compared to 2020, which recorded 78,484 requests. This increase was due to the increased urbanization, which led to more pest control demands for new areas and villas, as well as the increased public awareness of the services provided by Tadweer.


Environment, health, and safety


Last year, Tadweer achieved a compatibility rate of 96.05% with the requirements of the third version of the National Standard for Business Continuity Management System, according to the results of an external audit conducted by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) and the Abu Dhabi Emergencies, Crises and Disasters Management Centre (ADCMC). In addition, the Centre achieved a compatibility rate of 95% of its occupational safety and health management system with the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System in 2021, with the new methodology that was developed. These results came after the completion of the project for the development of the occupational safety and health management system. The Centre also completed an employee training plan for environment, health, safety, and business continuity, recording a total of 3,300 training hours in the waste sector during last year.


Dealing with the impact of COVID-19


Tadweer completed 80% of the projects and initiatives for dealing with the impact of COVID-19, according to the Centre’s approved operational plan, completing 1,200 inspection procedures of the COVID-19 precautionary measures. The Centre also participated in the national sterilization campaign by allocating and operating spray vehicles over 227 days. 972 staff members were involved in the campaign on a daily basis, recording an average of 10 working hours per day, and an estimated total of 1.7 million hours throughout the campaign.


Digital Transformation


As part of the Centre's ongoing efforts in digital transformation and in line with the national efforts in this field, Tadweer provided a range of electronic services over the past year. These services include providing all recycling services on the Unified Digital Platform (TAMM), providing an access feature using digital IDs, linking with the SADAD Payment System, linking with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health through digital documentation services, as well as providing a dashboard to reduce waste production, and a new version of the licensing and tariff system. The Centre also provided a unified electronic platform between companies working in the field of public health pest control and the concerned facilities, in addition to the electronic tracking system for pest control vehicles, through which the Centre has successfully monitored around 4,875 vehicles.


Waste sector control


Over the past year, the Centre has monitored more than 14,000 random disposal of sewage waste, around 25,000 cases of waste transport vehicles exit outside the boundaries of Abu Dhabi, and more than 764,000 cases of authorized access to official stations.


Public awareness


Over the past year, Tadweer has organized 108 awareness sessions in Abu Dhabi, including field visits to educational institutions and various government entities, which have benefited more than 240,000 people in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. This comes in line with the Centre's commitment to raising environmental awareness of the importance of proper waste management and using the right ways to dispose of waste and preserve the environment.


Initiatives for the governance of operational projects


In 2021, the Centre launched initiatives for the governance of operational and future projects to raise efficiency of performance, developed new standard operating procedures for the project management process, and signed two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with government entities.


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