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Ewec Opens Q4 Auction for Clean Energy Certificates

The Emirates Water and Electricity Company (Ewec) has announced that it will conduct its Q4 2023 auction for clean energy certificates (CECs) in Abu Dhabi, with registration now open and the auction closing on December 14.


Introduced by the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), CECs are currently the only accredited instruments in Abu Dhabi that prove the ownership of the environmental and economic benefits of consuming clean energy.


Issued in units of 1 MWh, each CEC certifies that the electricity consumed by the entity originates from a clean energy source.


Ewec is one of the key parties enabling the implementation of the CECs scheme, acting as the Single Registrant and Auction Operator.


CEO Othman Al Ali said: "As we approach COP28, the CECs scheme is a prime example of the innovative solutions that can support the delivery of global and national sustainability goals. Through the internationally accredited scheme, we are enabling Abu Dhabi-based entities to contribute to the nation’s clean energy targets and net zero goals."


"In the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, we have witnessed the largest number of auction participants to date, demonstrating a collective dedication to sustainability within Abu Dhabi and the UAE. I urge all organizations to engage in our forthcoming auction and collectively contribute to the fight against climate change, demonstrating the UAE’s readiness to lead by example as we welcome the global community to COP28," he stated.


The CECs scheme conforms to the internationally recognized standard developed by the International Renewable Energy Certificate Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard), further strengthening an organization’s sustainability credentials.


According to Ali, 2023 has already seen a record number of participants, including a significant number of new entrants from diverse industries.


In addition, Ewec announced a landmark CEC partnership with the UAE Pro League to enhance sustainability in football and reprised its role as the Clean Energy Partner of the World Utilities Congress, providing the strategic international event with CECs, he added.


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