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UP Govt Gears Up to Implement Rs. 1000bn Renewable Energy Projects

The Yogi government is gearing up to implement 125 projects worth over Rs 1000 billion in the renewable energy sector.


According to information from the department of additional energy sources, key players in the renewable energy sector, including Greenco, Tusco, BSEL and ACME Cleantech, are fully prepared to invest in Uttar Pradesh.


“Four big renewable energy plants will be set up in Bundelkhand and Purvanchal. The worth of these projects is over Rs 350 billion,” officials concerned said. They added that Tusco will set up a 1000-megawatt floating solar power plant in Lalitpur with an investment of Rs 65 billion, while Bundelkhand Saur Urja Limited will establish a 1,200-megawatt solar power park in Jalaun, costing Rs 60 billion. Further, ACME Cleantech Solutions Private Limited will set up two off-Stream close loop pump storage projects with a capacity of 1250 megawatts in Prayagraj and Mirzapur, costing Rs 60 billion.


An official spokesperson said that the UP government was conscious of the environmental hazards associated with the traditional energy sources and was aware of the growing need to switch over to green energy. “Traditional energy sources are limited and their use poses a threat of environmental pollution through emissions.


In this context, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is consistently making efforts to increase energy production based on new and renewable energy sources,” the spokesperson said. He added that as a result of the efforts of the Yogi government large projects based on solar energy, biomass and small hydroelectric power are being set up in the state. “Work is already being done in the direction of grid-combined solar power generation and rooftop power generation in the state,” he said.


Now, with the significant investments expected in this sector, not only is Uttar Pradesh becoming a hub for renewable energy, but there is also an increased possibility of creating employment on a large scale.


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