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Antony Waste Completes Maharashtra's First 14 MW WTE Plant

Waste management solutions company Antony Waste has successfully completed Maharashtra's first 14 MW integrated waste-to-energy (WTE) plant at Moshi, Pimpri in Maharashtra.


The project will be developed under the design, build, operate, and transfer (DBOT) model on a public-private partnership (PPP) basis, with a concession period spanning 21 years, and will be led by the company’s step-down subsidiary, Antony Lara Renewable Energy.


The facility will process 1,000 tpd of municipal waste, which includes recovery of recyclable materials and conversion of wet waste into compost. In this, nearly 700 tpd of non-recyclable dry waste will be processes in the plant generating 14 MW of power through controlled incineration meeting all environmental emission standards.


Key features include a customized integrated waste technology, with a drying zone on the grate, ensuring efficient and uniform combustion, and efficient moving grate mechanism which maximizes energy conversion. Overall, it will save an estimated seven lakh tonne of CO2 annually.


Moreover, the project utilizes recycled steam from the Chikali sewage treatment plant (STP) and also enables a significant 35-40 percent savings in electricity bills, while aligning with global sustainability goals and fostering environmental leadership in the G20 community.


Once operational, the project will process all city waste, and help in achieving circularity in waste management practices, thereby reducing the burden on landfills. Further, by-products like bottom ash and fly ash could also be used for construction and demolition waste processing.


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