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352 Water and Wastewater Projects Underway in Hormozgan Province

A total of 352 water and wastewater projects are underway in Hormozgan Province, on which more than $70 million have been spent so far, the managing director of the provincial Water and Wastewater Company said.


“The ongoing projects include 252 water projects in the rural regions, 94 in the urban areas and six wastewater projects that will be completed with about $200 million of credit,” Abdolhamid Hamzehpour was also quoted as saying by the Energy Ministry’s news portal.


“Currently, over 95% of the population of the southern province are provided with piped water,” he added. Referring to the desalination capacity of Hormozgan, Hamzehpour said the province is a pioneer in desalination, such that desalinated seawater accounts for around 47% of the province's drinking water supply.


According to the official, 42 water desalination units are operating in the province, about half of the total 85 desalination units in Iran, with a capacity of about 230,000 cubic meters per day.


“An additional 10 desalination facilities are under construction in Hormozgan. When completed in two years, they will raise the total desalination capacity by 34,000 cubic meters per day,” he said.


“Due to the drought and decline in rainfall in Hormozgan, desalination is one of the best solutions to address its water issues.”


Hormozgan has a population of 1.6 million, of which 1.3 million are covered by the provincial water company. It is a dry province with low rainfall and suffers from a chronic water shortage.


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