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Qatar-India Trade to Benefit from the Launch of HPCL Products in Qatar

The achievement represents a great deal of pride for India. HPCL products were launched by the Indian Ambassador to Qatar H E Dr. Deepak Mittal.


As a revolutionary achievement in the field of trade and commerce in Qatar, the launch of HPCL represents a major milestone. HPCL Ltd is one of the most renowned companies in India and markets its products in Qatar together with the HPCL ABN Corporation, which manufactures and markets high-quality products. Ali Bin Naser Al Misnad Transport & Trading WLL, the flagship wing of ABN Corporation has been appointed the exclusive distributor for the HPCL lubricant range of products in Qatar.


The launch of HPCL marks a new milestone in the five-decade history of Qatar-based ABN Corporation’s business and service operations.


As Managing Partner and Chairman of ABN Group, Ali Bin Nasser Al Misnad belongs to the royal family of Qatar. In addition to being a prominent entrepreneur in Qatar, Ali Bin Nasser Al Misnad is one of the most influential groups in the region. Late Padma Adv. CK Menon, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, is the founder of the ABN Group, which was established by Ali Bin Nasser Al Misnad.


The ABN Group is a large business group operating in Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, India, Africa, and the UK.


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